6 reasons you should be planking daily

Daily planking is one of the most popular exercises that can be performed almost anywhere and without any equipment. Though it looks pretty simple, it can improve your fitness level significantly as it can work out several muscle groups at once.

In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons why you should include planking in your daily workout routine.


1. Planking can enhance your core strength.

One of the main benefits of performing planks is that they can improve your core strength this involves the muscles and joints that connect your upper and lower body. When you bend turn or lift things you are engaging the core. Hence, it is just important to work out your core muscle groups. Once you do this regularly, you will become stronger and make the completion of everyday tasks much easier too.

planking core muscle groups

2. It can help you have a flat stomach.

Planking is more effective in making your stomach flat and toned compared to crunches. Furthermore, according to the Journal of strength and conditioning, planking exercises engage 100% of your abdominal muscles while crunches only workout around 64% of them.


3.  It makes your back stronger

The problem with other core strength workouts such as crunches and sit-ups is that they can injure your back. An editorial by the Navy Times states that crunches can lead to back injuries. On the other hand, planking can strengthen your back muscles particularly the upper back. Moreover, because planking involves maintaining a neutral spine as opposed to constant flexing, your spinal column does not experience constant strain.

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4. It enhances your posture and balance

When you regularly perform planks you will have better posture and balance. This also means that you will be able to stand and sit straighter without difficulty. Keep in mind that your core muscle group has a significant effect on the other muscles of your body and can even prevent or alleviate postural problems.


5. It improves your flexibility

Since planks can also expand and stretch the muscles around your shoulders, hamstrings, collarbone feet, and toes. This form of exercise can offset the natural loss of muscle elasticity. Loss of muscle elasticity happens when you get older.


6. It boosts your metabolism

Planking boosts your metabolism and leads you to burn fat more effectively. Although, planking doesn’t necessarily beat cardio exercises regarding burning fat but incorporating it in your workout routine can be really helpful. This form of strength training is also effective in toning down excess fat and can increase the rate of your metabolism. Even after you’ve done the workout, for every pound of muscle that you achieve you will be able to burn approximately 50 calories more each day.

In the fitness world, bodyweight exercises are increasingly becoming widely accepted because of the practicality of using your body weight to get fit. Truly, planking is one of the bodyweight exercises that won’t go out of fashion. Aside from not requiring any equipment and a significant amount of time to perform the many forms of planking exercises can also help you achieve significant results when done right.

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